Healthy Choco Fudge

Heatlhy Choco Fudge

Heatlhy Choco Fudge

This is definitely the quickest and healthiest chocolate fudge I have ever made! It’s a mashed dates, cacao powder, peanut butter, salt & some cashew nuts, mashed with fork on a plate! I tried making a small portion for myself & it took me around 3 minutes only! It could have been healthier if I made my own nut butter & if I used organic cacao powder and himalayan salt.

The community I stay at gave every house a free basket of dates a month back. Me & my roommate are not a fan of dates so I guess we have found a solution on how to finish all of the dates we’ve been storing in the fridge.

I have to credit the Youtube channel holistichabits for this.

If you have any dates recipe to share, write it down on the comment section below! I’d be more than willing to try them, then I’ll post it here you’ll see how it turned out.

Happy weekend!