Jones The Grocer Qatar

Not too long ago, we had the chance to sit for a sumptuous breakfast at Jones The Grocer in The Gate Mall here in Doha, Qatar, finally making up for those few times we run in for take-aways.

The place is usually packed but I think at around 9am is the best time for a relaxed breakfast since most people are still busy in their offices. Lucky us! Even though our meeting started early, it ended early as well!
Jones The Grocer

This time, I had flat white and TLC sandwich with homemade pimiento.
TLC with homemade pimiento sandwich

Not only it looks good, it does taste amazing too! It makes you go “This is why I love mornings” and I’m not even exaggerating it. I swear I said it on snapchat! Haha! So, wolfed down all of this and drove back to Al Khor.

Haven’t gone here for lunch and dinner, though but I’m pretty sure it’s even more exquisite!

If you’ve been here for lunch or dinner, maybe you can share your experience with me so I have an idea? I haven’t been to Jones at the Pearl too so maybe you can also share your dining experience in that branch as well. Looking forward to your comments!

Note: Yes, photos are from my Laurent, the Fuji Xa1. Superb photo quality on daylight! I fell in love with how this TLC sandwich photo turned out.