Cranberry Butter

Is it weird that I’m posting this after Thanksgiving? We don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving here but I think it is possibly the main factor why pack of cranberries are all of a sudden available in the grocery store this past days.


I have been coming across cranberry recipes all over the internet, also I think because of Thanksgiving and I just couldn’t help but crave for it. Cranberry butter seemed easiest & quickest to make, plus I can improvise and use alternative ingredients.

sethee Cranberry Butter

Here goes the experiment! So instead of the usual maple syrup, I just used what I have available in the kitchen. Cranberries are bitter eaten raw and the usual procedure is to sweeten them to complement the tartness of the fruit. I have here Manuka honey in butterscotch, which I bought out of curiosity a few weeks back having read of its health benefits.

sethee cranberry butter  In a saucepan, I put about a cup of cranberries and a tablespoonful of manuka honey! Yum!


Checking every now and then, stirring to avoid the berries from sticking on the bottom of the pan.

sethee cranberry butter

You will know it’s done once the cranberries are soft enough to mash and has already thicken to a jam. Let it cool down so you can then add on the unsalted butter.

sethee cranberry butter

Mix in 1 stick of softened unsalted butter. For a finer cranberry butter, use a food processor but I don’t have that so I just whisked it manually together (like how our grannies would prefer doing!). Chill and serve with toast the next day! YUM!

Sethee Cranberry Butter

My breakfast: freshly brewed coffee, rhubarb and apple organic yogurt with blueberries, cherries and chia seeds and of course my very own cranberry butter spread on toast. I like how balanced the tartness and sweetness of the cranberry butter, the texture of both just complements perfectly altogether as well!

Let me know how it goes for you if you decide to give it a try.