First stop for 2015: Quick Dubai-UAE Getaway

Long overdue post! Whew this has been on queue for so long! Ever since I started working here in Qatar, it has been part of my goals to travel to Dubai even just over… Continue reading

Karak Tea

Have you ever tasted Karak tea? I had no idea of its existence even after living for 2 years here in Qatar. Only just after a boss brought us Qatari breakfast few months… Continue reading

Today’s Fashion Fashion Show

So this happened… A fashion store called ‘Today’s Fashion’ here in Doha sponsored one of our events for ladies and part of the deal was a fashion show showcasing their designer dresses. It was… Continue reading

Sethee WordPress Anniversary!

Oh wow! Has it? I think I have been idle majority of the time 😛

Instagram: hazavree

There’s not much on it yet, but anyways follow me : hazavree See you there!

Healthy Choco Fudge

This is definitely the quickest and healthiest chocolate fudge I have ever made! It’s a mashed dates, cacao powder, peanut butter, salt & some cashew nuts, mashed with fork on a plate! I… Continue reading

Henna Tattoo

As I mentioned in the previous post, gratitude is one of the act highlighted during Eid. The ladies in the office had the opportunity to get a free henna done offered by the owner… Continue reading

Eid Al Adha 2014

Eid Mubarak! That’s how you greet during Eid. What is Eid by the way? The first time I got here in Qatar, which was two years ago, I did not realize that I… Continue reading

Victorian Nails

Seeing the gold ornament nail stickers at Daiso inspired me to create this nail art and I bought those nail stickers immediately! I had to buy any nude shade nail polish to perfect the design I… Continue reading

The Comeback!

For days now, I have been bugged by friends to start blogging about fashion or vanity. I never had the confidence to do such stuff related to these but I’m giving it a… Continue reading